Root Grapple

Bobcat Root Grapple



Root Grapple is similar to the skeleton grapple except with 8″ spacing between the teeth. It’s constructed using 1/2″ material with 8″ spacing between the tines which enable dirt and small debris to fall though while holding on to the larger loads. The 1/2″ hardened cutting edge provides additional strength from bending the tines and with the grapple you can easily grab and move material.

The Root Grapple and the Root Grapple VS are identical to our standard grapples but feature visibility slots cut into the grapples for those who require more visibility for digging and brush with the grapple claws up.

Also, you can add cylinder covers to your grapple. Its the perfect way to protect your fittings and hoses from extra or unexpected debris.


  • 68″, 78″, 84″
  • 1/2″ material
  • 1/2″ Hardened cutting edge
  • 8″ spacing between teeth