Snow Pushers

Bobcat Snow Pushers



The Snow Pusher is as commercial grade as they come and whether you are clearing a small parking lot or a large scale commercial mover this is the pusher for you!  Available in 8′ and 10′ models this pusher is constructed with a stiff square tube frame and 3/16” plow material this is an extreme duty snow pusher. Coming standard with a ½” adjustable replaceable cutting edge and replaceable ¾” ground force moving shoes this pusher is built for easy pushing and to take a punishing. Optional features include poly cutting edges, a high volume top screen or a heavy duty pullback bar!

All attachments can be modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models including but not limited to John Deere, Westendorf, Global, Euro, Koyker, New Holland, Kubota etc.Please call with your model number. Various skid steer loader mounts are also available for those without universal skid steer quick attach, please call for additional information!


  • 8′, 10′ common sizes
  • Strong, harden steel cutting edge for long life
  • Rubber Cutting edge is an option as well
  • Free floating skid plates
  • Optional back drag allows you to get close to buildings and pull backwards
  • Optional screen allows you to not have over spill so you can push bigger piles of snow